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Night Friendly Committee improving the environment
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The Night Friendly Committee recognizes the challenges of the night shift and is working to improve the environment, culture and offerings. Every year this group continues to accomplish new things. Here are just a few things that came out of 2019:

  • Regularly contributed night-specific articles to the eLamp nursing blog. Some of this year’s blog posts included: Night Shift Tips- how to manage sleep patterns and diet while working the night shift, aromatherapy and after dark event highlights.
  • Made new rejuvenation rooms available to all night staff.
  • Delivered freshly baked Insomnia cookies to all departments with evening and night shift employees. 
  • Elevated employee concerns to appropriate leadership for correction/feedback.
  • Created a new email address that anyone can use to contact the committee with ideas, thoughts, concerns or complaints.
  • Communicated the opening of the new 24/7 North Star Café.
  • Started Night Whisperers, to build off current recognition practices (Way to Be and Gold Star) and re-iterate the excellence of night staff.
  • Conducted the Annual Night Friendly Nurse Survey where all night nurse colleagues submitted a survey about how the committee’s effort is making an impact. All responses are reviewed and considered when instituting new practices/amenities.

An advantage offered by the Night Friendly Committee is providing a venue specific to the night shift staff so we can be heard and our concerns are taken seriously,” said Laurel Tilstra, RN. “It makes you feel like you have a say.”

2019 was a very productive year for night shift and the committee continues to work on future improvements.
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