Exemplary Professional Practice

Try the new in-room patient checkout system
nursing image

When the Endocrinology/Rheumatology department moved to Curtis Clinic, they decided to trial an in-room patient check out system. This idea was first brought forward by staff due to the high number of patients with physical limitations. The staff felt it would help make a more personal connection and allow patients time for additional questions and support while still in the exam room.

The current process involved the provider marking the schedule in EPIC, Carle’s electronic medical information system, with a white dot once the visit was complete. The Patient Service Representative (PSR) would then proceed to the patient’s exam room and begin the checkout process. During check out, the schedule is verified to make an all return appointment, referral appointment, and to check patients into lab or X-ray to see if they need to complete those the same day as the appointment. The PSR prints the after visit summary and gives it directly to the patient and takes them to the exit doors.

“For the nurses and providers, it has allowed us to address additional concerns before the patient leaves and avoids additional phone calls,” said Vivian Murphy, RN and senior patient care manager. “Our patients appreciate the privacy and individual attention they receive. For our staff, they enjoy being face-to-face with patients and ensuring we have been able to meet their needs.”

This process may work in all locations (procedural areas, areas with limited space) and the benefits to patients are able to be realized across the board.