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New Champaign Surgery Center at The Fields adds value
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Staff and providers relocated to the new Champaign Surgery Center at The Fields in 2019. After months of construction and medical equipment coordination, the team was excited to utilize the up-to-date facilities and join those working at The Fields campus.

The Surgery Center is proud to have state of the art equipment to perform surgeries for patients. Some examples of the new equipment include:

  • Stryker booms/cameras in high definition
  • Neptunes for suction
  • Monitors on the walls to see when we are doing laparoscopic procedures
  • In light cameras so when training staff can see what is going on

Other things that are new and help with the flow of surgeries is the sterile core, which holds supplies right outside each room. With that new equipment, new procedures can be done that couldn’t be done before. The Surgery Center is also able to offload some of the outpatient cases at Carle Foundation Hospital so they can focus on more urgent or emergent cases.

“Even though we have grown we are still a close knit family and every day we come to work to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Danice Vaughn, Surgery Center RN manager. “Now we just have more access to supplies and equipment!”

Now that the Surgery Center is bigger, more patients are seen in a timely manner. This is beneficial to the patients and to Carle because staff is helping as many people as possible as quickly as they can. Teams also have a stronger relationship with Christie Clinic as the two facilities are right next door to each other. Vaughn said this has helped with adding people to the schedule on the same day, if possible and allows for more rooms so more cases can be taken.